West Suburban Veterans' District

The West Suburban Veterans' District (WSVD) works independently and in accordance with state laws and regulations, manages and participates in the administration of benefits available to eligible veterans and their dependents.  All Veteran's Agents receive guidance and oversight by the Commonwealth's Secretary of Veterans' Services.  The WSVD provides assistance to veterans in assessing benefits, identifying federal, state, and local programs, providing referrals for employment and training, housing, and medical care.  Please call to arrange a personal consultation with the Director or Deputy Director of Veteran's Services.  Stanley Spear serves as the full-time District Director.  Matthew Ching is the full-time Deputy Director and Sally Rose provides administrative support.

Upcoming Events for Veterans

Veterans Boot Camp at ETR in Norwood 

This event will help Veterans prep for the April event or any other interview/job fair


Boot Camp video

Employment & Training Resources

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Are You Interested In A Nursing Career?

If so, the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College of Nursing is conducting an HRSA funded grant program titled "Heroes into Healthcare". This program is aimed at recruiting and promoting minority and disadvantaged veterans to obtain a university-based nursing education and enter the nursing workforce. 

Please check out the attachments to learn more about this exciting opportunity.  http://www.umass.edu/nursing/heroes-healthcare



The Director of the VA/Boston Healthcare System, Vincent Ng will be a guest of Dan Rae's "Nightside"
 on Tuesday, April 21st, at 9:00 pm
1030 AM WBZ Radio/CBS Radio.
Vincent Ng will address veterans’ concerns and suggestions!

Please do not miss this chance to hear what he has to say about veteran services and ask your question or address your concerns! 

 Thanks for listening!


Stanley W. Spear, Jr.

Director of Veterans Services



Matthew Ching

Deputy Director



Phone: (781) 489-7509